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Ceremonial Senate Meeting to Close the Academic Year

The academic year 2021/22 has been officially closed at the the University of Pécs. The occasion was celebrated on 23 June, in the dr. József Halasy-Nagy Aula, where PhD and habilitation diplomas, honorary associate professor, professor and master teacher titles have been conferred by the university management.

Attila Miseta, rector of the University of Pécs, thanked everyone for their work and achievements in the last academic year. He also talked about the Performance Assessment System, which "can never be perfect", but provides useful feedback on the work done. Miseta highlighted the role of individual trainings in the activities of the lecturers and added that "as a result of the operation of the UQ Foundation, we are moving in the right direction." The rector said that the goal so far has been quality research and education, the possibility of this has been improved. He also spoke about the difficulties, that the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, the increased energy prices also affect the operation of the university, just as the COVID epidemic is not yet over, but hopefully the virus will be containable on the level of a flu epidemic in the autumn.

Based on the decision of the Senate:

Honorary assistant professor title has been conferred upon: 

  • Ferenc Hirth

Habilitated doctor title has been awarded to the following: 

In health sciences: 

  • Krisztina Deutsch
  • Gabriella Hild 

In architecture: 

  • Péter Zilahi

In philosophy:

  • Anna Mária Bólya
  • Róbert Hecker-Réz
  • Zsuzsanna Schnell 

In earth sciences:

  • Tibor Elekes

In pharmacy: 

  • Attila Almási 

In literature: 

  • Imre Kőrizs

In clinical medicine: 

  • Péter Ács 
  • Éva Bellyeiné Pozsgai

In economics:

  • Dániel Kehl

In psychology:

  • Petra Gyuris 
  • Ferenc Kocsor

In regional sciences:

  • Tibor Gonda

In music:

  • László Pólus

After successfully defending their doctoral theses, the following received their PhD degree:

In biology:

  • Márk Kovács
  • Mónika Madai 
  • Amina Soltani
  • Safia Zeghbib

In health sciences:

  • Ied Ali Omar Al-Sadoon

In theoretical medicine:

  • Péter Varjú 
  • Olga Zagorácz 

In physics:

  • Mahmoud Abufadda

In earth sciences:

  • Klaudia Szeidl 

In pharmacy: 

  • Balázs Zoltán Zsidó

In chemistry:

  • Zoltán Nagymihály 

In clinical neurology:

  • Emese Ildikó Lovadi
  • Andrea Krisztina Sükösd

In clinical medicine:

  • Zoltán Kiss 
  • Ian Robert O’ Sullivan
  • Rita Jakabfi-Csepregi
  • Balázs Gábor Szirmay

In economics:

  • Edina Cziglerné Erb 

In educational sciences:

  • László Galántai
  • Éva Sütő

In linguistics: 

  • Richárd Rajnai 

István Geresdi, the head of the Doctoral Board congratulated all graduates and awardees adding that this is not only a formal acknowledgment of their achievements, it should also inspire them to have a career in research. He also explained that they are going to need commitment and endurance. 

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