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Photos from the Sky

2022. szeptember 19.

Nature in Pictures is the title of the exhibition of András Kószó's photographs in the UP Knowledge Centre. At the Opening ceremony on 1 September, Annamária Parrag-Mandl journalist gave a speech and introduced the artist.

It turned out that András Kószó spots interesting objects and remarkable sights - and goes back to the scene to take photos.

"You see the landscape differently from a drone"

- said András Kószó, explaining that not only light conditions and clouds affect the outcome of the work, but tightening regulations make the process difficult.

As for the beginnings, András Kószó used to fly a lot with his father. Thus, as soon as a drone with a camera became available, it was a love at first sight for him. National Geographic also noticed his pictures, András Kószó has been voted ‘photographer of the day’ thirteen times, his videos have been selected among the world's best drone videos, and last year, his materials were also included in the printed publication that Hungarian diplomats donate as a presentation gift.

"The equipment is expensive and heavy, and then it can simply be crushed by a high-voltage wire" 

- noted András Kószó.



The exhibition consists of more than 60 images, from the Kékszalag sailboat race to forests and the built environment. In addition to aerial photography, the artist also makes various large-scale flags for American films by hand. 

After the opening, visitors watched two films related to the exhibition: a fragment of András Kószó's film about Hungary and a film about the Canary Islands. From the sky, rising above our petty problems, looking at our dusty everyday life from afar, we could realize how beautiful our world is.

The exhibition can be seen until 30 September 2022 on level 0 of the Knowledge Centre.

Written by: Éva Harka

Photo: Éva Harka