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Magic and Challenge Composed for Guitar

2021. július 27.

Mexican-born Roy Joel Pérez Sahagún graduated in 2019 with a Master of Arts degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the Music Institute of the UP, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, and now teaches music to young people in his hometown.

Where are you from?

I live and I am from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, a beautiful place in the west part of Mexico, which is well known for the mariachis and the tequila.

What was your motivation to choose the University of Pécs and your major?

I always wanted to study abroad and when I was searching for a university that has an MA program specialized in classical guitar. I had different options, but the University of Pécs stood out from the rest, because Sándor Szilvágyi, a Liszt Ferenc Prize-winning guitarist, teaches there.

Roy Joel Pérez Sahagún

How do you remember your university years? What are your most defining memories from the University of Pécs?

It was very challenging, since my guitar professors were very strict, so I had to work really hard. However, every day was a new adventure!

I loved walking around in a city that is so calm and artistic, it was magical!

Do you remember some of your professors especially vividly?

Of course, I fondly remember all of them, I learned a lot from them not only academically speaking but in life.

What was the university like at that time?

In my experience, it was special, because at the Music Institute, there were only four international students, and it was fun to be the new student!Roy Joel Pérez Sahagún (Photo: Szabolcs Csortos)

Could you please sum up what you have been doing since your graduation?

I returned to my hometown and I have been working in my area, teaching and playing some “concerts”. Because of the Covid situation, the presentations had to be recorded in advance.

How do you think your university years have influenced the path of your career?

Not only the university years, but the overall experience of studying abroad have made my perception wider, and the way I play and prepare the music is different now.

Roy Joel Pérez Sahagún (Photo: Szabolcs Csortos)

What do you do in your current job?

I teach in a secondary school, so I work with teenagers, and I teach in a music school where I work with different people, who love music, and last, but not least I play some concerts here and there.

Would you like to add anything? Some advice or a message?

I highly recommend the experience of studying abroad and if you prefer a place where you can really feel at home, the University of Pécs is the perfect choice!

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